About The Artist

San Francisco is where I arrived in 1968 and where I still live today. Although I was too young at the time (8 years old), to go to any of the famous concerts of the late 60's at places like the Fillmore, Avalon Ballroom or Winterland, I was not too young to be aware of the artwork surrounding the San Francisco music scene. My best friend's older brother had every square inch of walls and ceiling in his bedroom covered with handbills and posters from some of the best artists of the time. I used to ask permission to go into his room and just look at, as well as try to decipher the typography on all this amazing artwork. I fell in love with it all with Wes Wilson standing out as probably my favorite artist of them all.

Fast forward to today, my designs are inspired by the great artists of those days as well as San Francisco itself with my own take on 60's psychedelic art. It has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life to have both locals and people from all over the globe purchase my art to hang in their homes, to remind them of beautiful, psychedelic San Francisco.
Peace & Love...

Stay Groovy, Robert Quinn

Stay Groovy