The psychedelic posters produced for the rock concerts in San Francisco between 1966 and 1968 have become a legend of contemporary Western culture.
The height of the 'Summer of Love' and the psychedelic era saw the Haight-Ashbury scene being the epicenter of it all. 
Trip back in time with Groovy Frisco original 1960's psychedelic style designs of world famous San Francisco icons.
Take a little piece of the Haight-Ashbury & the 'Summer of Love' home from San Francisco and feel PEACE, LOVE and GROOVINESS all year round!!

I purchased your ode to my beloved Doggie Diner (San Lorenzo location) and decided I needed to add a couple of your other works to keep ‘him’ company!
My whole family is really impressed with all three! Many thanks, they will look fabulous in our home. -Tracy L.