The psychedelic posters produced for the rock concerts in San Francisco between 1966 and 1968 have become a legend of contemporary Western culture.
The height of the 'Summer of Love' and the psychedelic era saw the Haight-Ashbury scene being the epicenter of it all. SF designer Robert Quinn is bringing that 60's vibe back with his psychedelic San Francisco themed artwork. His work has be featured in the deYoung Museum in SF as well as the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in Boston MA. 
So trip back in time with Groovy Frisco and take a little piece of the Haight-Ashbury & the 'Summer of Love' home from San Francisco and feel PEACE, LOVE and GROOVINESS all year round wherever you are!!

I purchased your ode to my beloved Doggie Diner (San Lorenzo location) and decided I needed to add a couple of your other works to keep ‘him’ company!
My whole family is really impressed with all three! Many thanks, they will look fabulous in our home. -Tracy L.